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How To Fix The “Unable to create directory” Error in WordPress

I recently changed webhosts. As a result of the change I had to individually move a whole heap of websites that I had hosted at the old webhost to the new. Most of the websites run on LAMP and WordPress and the moving process was straight forward enough.

One of the websites I moved is a website with 80-odd posts that I don’t update very often. I moved it, checked that everything was online again, and forgot about it – until today, that is. Today I logged in in order to write a new post – it was that time of the month. Each post I write I publish with an accompanying image set as featured image. I found a suitable image at and was in the process of uploading it when I got the following error in the file manager:

Unable to create directory /wp-content/uploads/2013/9. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

I loaded the site in filezilla and checked that the uploads folder is indeed writeable by the server – it was. The error had me stumped for a second before I remembered to check the Settings->Media settings in WordPress admin. Lo and behold, the issue was indeed caused by the settings in Settings->Media. The “Store uploads in this folder” under “Uploading Files” subheading was configured to the old webhosts’ location and hence WordPress couldn’t find where to upload the files. As soon as I re-pointed this field to the right location the error was gone and I was once again able to upload my files without a problem.


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