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Table Indexes Hidden in PHPMyAdmin

I was doing some mysql work for a WordPress database which required me to use the dbDelta function (more on that in another post) a number of times and after a while I found that the constant recreation of UNIQUE KEY indexes caused my db to run out of index resources, throwing me the following error:

WordPress database error: [Too many keys specified; max 64 keys allowed] ALTER TABLE x ADD UNIQUE KEY (`y`)

After getting the error I had to go and remove these duplicate indexes from my db and went looking for the indexes section inside my db table’s structure in PHPMyAdmin (there were 64 keys created and I didn’t really feel like writing a script to do the job – I know, pretty lazy).

To my surprise, I couldn’t find the indexes section in PHPMyAdmin for the world of me and I was stuck until I ran into this post by rackerhacker – he clarified that in PHPMyAdmin 3.x, the indexes section in a table’s structure view is hidden by default.

So, in order to get to a table’s indexes view you have to add the following line to your PHPMyAdmin configuration file:

$cfg['InitialSlidersState'] = 'open';

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thanks for that – all the “new fancy” phpmyadmin changes are a disaster but they think they know best

more useful configs I found:
$cfg[‘ThemeDefault’] = ‘original’; //get rid of ugly-pmahomme theme.
$cfg[‘AjaxEnable’] = false; //disable ajax requests, since they don’t give any browser status while running
$cfg[‘ShowHint’] = false; // hide those stupid pop up meessages
$cfg[‘InitialSlidersState’] = ‘open’; // show the sodding indexes dammit
$cfg[‘LongtextDoubleTextarea’] = false; //don’t need HUGE text areas on longtext fields.
$cfg[‘MaxRows’] = 50; //change the default row display count
$cfg[‘PropertiesIconic’] = true; //icon only row action links
//$cfg[‘DefaultTabTable’] = ‘tbl_properties_structure.php’; // action for clicking table name is to edit the structure
//$cfg[‘LeftDefaultTabTable’] = ‘sql.php’; //action for clicking the mini-icon is to browse

//I have been bullied into leaving these as they are as host services are this way
$cfg[‘Export’][‘method’] = ‘custom-no-form’; //disable the “quick” export feature.
$cfg[‘Export’][‘sql_drop_table’] = true; //add DROP TABLE IF EXISTS to SQL tab

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