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How To Burn An ISO Image To Disc

The other day I had to burn an ISO image (Visual Studio 2010 Trial version) to a DVD in order to be able to run the installer on my Windows 7. I haven’t purchased Nero or any other burning software, and a licensed version of it didn’t come with my laptop so for a moment there I was completely stuck and didn’t know what to do.

Thankfully a little research via Google took me to and their review of Alex Feinman’s ISO recorder, which is exactly what I needed. A few simple steps later, and I had my burned DVD ready to run.

Here is what I did:

1. I installed ISO recorded after I downloaded it from the above mentioned website.
2. I downloaded the ISO image file (the one I wanted to burn) from Microsoft’s official website to a folder on my desktop.
3. I inserted a blank DVD into my DVD drive.
4. I navigated to the folder where my ISO file is via Windows Explorer, right clicked on the ISO image file and clicked on “Copy image to CD/DVD”.
5. Followed the simple wizard steps to burn my image.



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